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Your skin barrier is the first line of defence from external aggressors, the balance of natural lipids can become compromised, causing skin to become unsettled.


This body cleanser formulation was five years in development under the personal hand of Olverums founder, a sufferer of enduringly sensitive skin. 


Soap and sulphate-free, created for all skin types, this unique complex of five mild surfactants creates a luxurious lather to cleanse effectively while respecting barrier function to leave skin comfortable. Fragranced with the aromatic blend of essential oils synonymous with Olverums iconic Bath Oil, it helps to ease stress and relax tension in mind and body.

Crafted with over 90% natural origin ingredients, this product is vegan friendly and cruelty-free. Our formula is free from artificial preservatives, fragrance, colourants, sulphates and parabens.

Suitable for all skin types.

Olverum Body Cleanser

  • • Aromachology – scented with the signature blend of essential oils synonymous with our iconic Bath Oil, to revitalise the senses. 

    • Respectful Surfactant Complex – a blend of five mild cleansing agents derived from amino acids, sugar, and responsibly sourced coconut and palm. Deeply effective while avoiding disturbance to skin barrier function, it maintains skin pH and rebalances skin that is compromised. 

    • Luxurious lather – helps slip and glide to minimise friction and help effective rinsing. 

    • Avocado Oil – Restores suppleness by moisturising dry, compromised skin.

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