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This beautiful serving board will not only make a great addition to your kitchen but also act as a focal point when in use. This piece is great as a cheese board but also to serve anti-pasti and we like to use ours as a chopping board!


It has been made using smooth white marble, complemented with natural mango wood. Skilfully handmade using traditional tools.

Marble and Wooden Board - Large

  • To care for the marble, we recommend washing after every use. Use a mild dish soap and do not leave to soak, marble is a porous material and can easily stain. Do not scrub as this may scratch the marble. Handle with care to prevent chipping. Due to the nature of the wood, the colour may change over time. To nourish and protect the natural wood rub an edible oil such as olive oil or walnut oil into the surface with a dry cloth. Please note that adding oil may darken the tone of the wood.

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