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This choker’s unique and mesmerising design consists of a repeating pattern of two abstract shapes, both inspired by the delicate textures of wild mushrooms. These shapes are elegantly interconnected to form a continuous and harmonious pattern. Its unique design and lab-grown emerald centrepiece make it ideal for adding an element of elegance and drama to any outfit.

This necklace is a harmonious blend of organic forms and modern elegance.


Recycled sterling silver serves as the foundation for this piece, embodying the values of responsible craftsmanship. Elevated by the use of a lab-grow emerald, making it a celebration of sustainable luxury, artful design and the magic of the natural world.

Lab Grown emeralds are often referred to as 'Genuine' this is simply because they are, the contain the same chemical compound, apperance and density of mined emeralds, the only difference being their origin. 

Adjustable 12”- 16” chain.
Handmade in London, UK.
18ct gold-plated certified recycled sterling silver with 8x6mm oval lab-grown emerald.
Due to the handmade nature, there may be slight variations from the images shown.

Emerald Choker/Necklace

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