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We’re thrilled to be launching our new range of goats milk soap, made for us on our doorstep by local artisans who have a smallholding they farm to organic principles and a delightful herd of very well cared for goats (yes they’re all named) whose milk is used to create this soap, alongside other ingredients including honey from their own bees and locally farmed rapeseed oil. Our soap is as natural as we can get it, and made on our doorstep as sustainably as possible. The paper used for our packaging is even made from recycled coffee cups. Sounds pretty good? - we think so, and then there’s the fact that goat’s milk soap is super gentle, and great for sensitive skin, and even skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema as the goat’s milk lowers the PH to a level nearer our skins natural PH.

Our soap is...
Free from Palm Oil, Preservatives, SLS, Parabens and keeping things as natural as possible.

YARROW - We've added yarrow to this soap, which has wonderful healing properties and makes it a perfect gift for gardeners hands, and all those nicks & cuts.

Artisan Goats Milk Soap - Yarrow

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  • Free from Palm Oil, Preservatives, SLS, Parabens

    No harmful chemicals

    Locally sourced ingredients where possible, goat's milk and honey from the farm, rapeseed oil, from another local farm

    Kind to skin, particularly more sensitive skin. 

    Can relieve symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and other types of skin condition that often lead to dry, sore, itchy, red, and irritable skin.

    We recommend our 'Milk' soap for the most sensitive skins as this is our most minimal formulation.

    Made in rural Leicestershire, UK

    Beautifully presented in hand made packaging, the FSC paper sleeve is also made from recycled coffee cups

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